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Your Cybersecurity Risk Blind Spots

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The 2021 Cybersecurity Benchmark study from Helix Market Research showed over 300 Security Leaders have something in common.


Your Cybersecurity Risk Blind Spots are where your true risks exist.

The trouble with having a risk blind spot is that you aren't in a position to see it. If you could, it wouldn’t be a blind spot. Finding your risk blind spots requires a perspective you don’t already have.

It's like trying to spot a missing roof shingle while standing in your living room. You can’t see the outside from the inside. But to understand the  entire house, you need to see BOTH.

You need an expanded perspective to find your risk blind spots


RedMonocle will help you see your Security Stack from the inside out AND the outside in…
So you can finally FIND your Cybersecurity Risk Blind Spots and Secure Your Stack in one fell swoop.
By mapping the software features available in your Security Stack to over 1,000
NIST SP 800-53 controls, so you can see gaps and overlaps in coverage.

Compare AND Contrast risk through the lens of Stack AND Standard.

Most CISOs look at their Security Stack in isolation from their selected security framework.
But we know that blind spots are found within the silos of Stack vs. Standard.
This limited perspective doesn’t provide clear visibility into: how the Security Stack covers security requirements, where gaps in coverage exist, or what products could replace a
compromised piece of the infrastructure, quickly.


The best way to FIND your cybersecurity risk blind spots
is to find Gaps AND Overlaps in your Security Stack
by contrasting and comparing your Stack AND Standard, first.


RedMonocle’s rich Knowledge-base contains the features of over 300 Cybersecurity tools and has mapped them to NIST SP 800-53 controls, the industry leading security framework*, giving CISOs an inside out and an outside in perspective based on industry standards.

Now you may have questions like...

How do I fund fixes to close my risk blind spots?

How can I get C-Suite buy-in to fund fixes?

How can I close the executive communication gap?

We've got you covered...

RedMonocle helps transformational CISOs, like you,
Find, Fund and Fix their cybersecurity risk blind spots,
in one fell swoop