Every IT Executive wants to answer these three questions

  1. How many IT tools do I have?

  2. How much do my IT tools cost?

  3. Where can I save money?

In the past finding the answers to these questions has been too expensive or too hard…Until now…
Introducing RedMonocle's Rapid Tools Assessment (RapidTA)

RedMonocle just released its Rapid TA that allows you to get data-driven answers to some of IT’s toughest questions in real-time. This is a game changer for IT Executives who want to understand where they can save money in their IT Tool Portfolio.

What are the benefits of a RapidTA

We will find $1 million in savings. For Free. Guaranteed.

Yes, you read that right. the RapidTA costs ZERO dollars and gives you a minimum of $1 million in savings. RedMonocle is committed to the success of our clients during these uncertain times and is offering this service as a gift to help companies divest software so they can save jobs. 

What can I expect from a RapidTA?
  1. A set of recommendations on how to closthe gapsreducing the overages and eliminate redundancy from RedMonocle experts
  2. A clear understanding of all the tools and their associated costs aligned to the TBM Taxonomy within the selected functional area
  3. A clear understanding of gaps, overlaps and overages in the functional area
  4. A comprehensive set of requirements related to the selected functional area, including an overall portfolio health score and security version assessment
  5. The ability to run scenarios to see how changes in your portfolio will impact your ability to meet requirements with empirical data to back your decisions
What is the RapidTA?

The RedMonocle RapidTA is a review of your IT tools focused on one specific functional area that is important to you (e.g. monitoring, ITSM, discovery, etc.) The RapidTA is a 5-day effort, requiring minimal effort from you and your team. You provide us with a list of your current tools and we overlay empirical data from our proprietary Knowledge Base so you can make tools rationalization and consolidation decisions based on facts, not emotions.

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How does it work? 

RedMonocle takes your vendor spreadsheet and turns it into actionable intelligence that removes the emotions from IT Tools Rationalization and delivers powerful data that shows you exactly where you need to make adjustments in your IT Tools Portfolio. The power behind RedMonocle is found in its robust KnowledgeBase. Our team has gone through a detailed analysis of over 1500 IT tools (and growing) to create the most robust library of IT Software and their corresponding features that is available in the market. We display more than just a list of vendors and products. We add in a layer of intelligence that also displays the product suite, the version deployed, the latest version available, every function the product serves, every capability available in the product and even provides cost categories that are fully aligned to TBM towers using the TBM taxonomy. This level of intelligence would take months for your team to create and would be a grueling annual exercise to keep it up to date. That’s why so many IT leaders used to give up on solving the problem of continuous IT Tools Rationalization.

What kind of actionable intelligence will I receive? 

The kind that makes decision making easy. That’s because RedMonocle is an IT leader’s decision-making engine. It doesn’t make the decision for you, rather it gives you the data you need to make financially sound decisions on the fly. Within a few days you’ll receive recommendations on what software you should keep, divest, investigate further and maintain. You’ll know where your organization has unmet needs and which software can help you meet them. And you’ll even get a health rating for your IT portfolio. But RedMonocle goes beyond current state analysis. IT leaders can also run scenarios to see how changes to their portfolio will affect the organization as a whole. Want to see what you would need to move to AIOps? That’s easy. We’ve already built out recommendations you can overlay on your existing portfolio so you can see where you have weaknesses and where you have opportunities. The simple truth is that you’ve never had access to this much information about your tool portfolio and there's never been a time you need it more. 

RedMonocle is the only provider in the market who can give you this level of data and make continuous IT Tools Rationalization a near-term reality.

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