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How can I see what’s in my risk blind spot?



How can I know what I don’t



How can I
see what I’m missing?


The full impact of the SolarWinds breach remains to be seen and the question on CISO's minds right now is, "How can I prepare to replace SolarWinds?"

The Orion breach has increased the pressure to secure the perimeter and be prepared to replace SolarWinds. Orion shows us that what's lurking in your risk blind spot could be worse than you than you expected. The risk of failure is higher than ever. 

The SolarWinds breach proves risk blind spots are hidden in your Security Stack

The misnomer of having a blind spot is that you ultimately can’t see it. If you could, it wouldn’t be a blind spot. As such, finding your risk blind spots requires a perspective that you don’t already have. This is like someone trying to see the outside of a house while standing in the living room. You can’t see the outside from the inside. But in order to understand the entire house, you need to see BOTH inside and outside. 

You need an expanded perspective to find your risk blind spots


RedMonocle will help you see your Security Stack from the inside out AND the outside in…
So you can finally FIND your Cybersecurity Risk Blind Spots and Secure Your Stack in one fell swoop.
By mapping the software features available in your Security Stack to over 1,000
NIST-800-53 controls, so you can see gaps and overlaps in coverage.
Now you can Compare AND Contrast risk through the lens of Stack AND Standard
Most CISOs look at their Security Stack in isolation from their selected common security framework. Risk blind spots are found within the silos of Stack vs. Standard.
However, this limited perspective doesn’t include visibility into how the Security Stack covers security requirements, where there are gaps in coverage or what products could replace a compromised piece of the infrastructure.
We believe the best way to FIND your cybersecurity risk blind spots
is to find the Gaps AND Overlaps in your existing Security Stack
by contrasting and comparing your Stack AND Standard, first.

RedMonocle’s rich Knowledge base contains the features of over 300 Cybersecurity tools and has mapped them to NIST-800-53 controls, the industry leading security framework, giving CISOs an inside out and an outside in perspective based on industry standards.

But finding your SolarWinds replacement isn't enough. It must be funded too. 

Technology purchases will have increased scrutiny for the foreseeable future. To tell the story of WHY you selected the replacement product you need an objective analysis that returns empirical evidence that you made the best choice. 

RedMonocle's Security Stack Assessment gives you the empirical evidence you need to back your decision to replace SolarWinds and demonstrate that you've Secured Your Stack


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